The Hermit by Yue-Iceseal
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LEGAL NAME: Maluiel Quel’Malanore Silverfire
NICKNAME[S]:  Rue, Mal

AGE: 83 years.
DATE OF BIRTH:  October 28th
GENDER | SPECIES:  Female Sin’dorei
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Quel’thalas
CURRENT LIVING CONDITIONS:  Living with her adopted father, Haestus Silverfire in Pandaria.
SPOKEN LANGUAGES:  Common, Thalassian

OCCUPATION:  No official occupation.
FIGHTING STYLE:  Mixed spell-weaving and sneaky-melee.
CRIMINAL RECORD:  Some early petty thievery that she has since left behind.

DRINK | SMOKE: Neither.

LIKE[S]:  She enjoys music, singing when she can, creating things and overall keeping herself busy.  She enjoys creating reactions in other people, typically good ones, though she isn’t above occasionally getting under peoples’ skin.
DISLIKE[S]:  Complications, dishonesty and indecision get on her nerves.
FEAR[S]:  Loneliness, and pain, in spite of a very high pain tolerance.

NOTABLE VIRTUES:  She typically wears her heart on her sleeve and is quick to get close and show affection to friends.  She’s quite an excellent confidante, capable of keeping her mouth shut and keeping secrets to herself.  She listens better than she talks.

HEIGHT:  5’7”
ABNORMALITY:  The occasional compulsion for utter silence, she can go from speaking to incapable of speech mid-sentence.

SIBLING[S]:  None.
PARENT[S]:  No biological parents, her adopted father is Haestus Silverfire.
PET[S]:  None.

SEXUAL PREFERENCE:  Bisexual with a heavy leaning toward men.

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Write a Headcanon about my character






If it’s good, it will become official.



Any of them up for grabs, Haes, Masrin, Shaefase, Revalias or Saria.

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Hairstyle for Myrcella in Dorne


Hairstyle for Myrcella in Dorne

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haestus asked: (We've already done like three of these in our own stories without being prompted, you realize.) BUT ANYWAY. (You’re the) Devil in Disguise - Revalias >D (And whoever of your own characters.)


"You said you had a small audience for me to play for.  I don’t see anyone."

She had tried to dress her best for him, though admittedly her best was still rather tarnished by the fact that she never had much coin to spend on herself.  That would hopefully change after this latest show.  She might even be able to move on from playing on the streets and stick to playing in closed, official spaces.

He had approached her some time ago, on several occasions to give her a few coins for her public, unofficial performances.  He’d always had a polite, reserved smile on his face and though she always recognized him afterward, she’d never thought much of him until he actually spoke to her, taking some time to become acquainted.  He was charming, but distantly so and while he was pleasant, he still seemed a bit too high for her to get very friendly with, so she’d maintained a cheerful, but respectful demeanor around him.  He never stayed to chat for more than a half hour at most, but after about a week of short, simple conversations he’d came to her again, requesting that she share her talents with a number of his friends and comrades.

Of course, she’d jumped at the opportunity with all the enchanting eagerness and naivete that he’d expected. 

"I do, I do.  They’re just in here."  Revalias assured, leading her from the foyer into a separate room.  Something odd, an uncomfortable feeling, settled in Sai’bariel’s chest at the sight of the long hallway before her, but she was halfway down it before the thought of backing out had crossed her mind.  Before she’d worked up the courage to speak, Revalias had opened the door at the end of the hallway and she’d stepped across the threshold into a room devoid of people.  She was clearly just being paranoid.

After all, the last time you were led into an empty room, your entire way of life was taken from you.

Which isn’t to say the room was empty, no, it was plainly an alchemists laboratory, sterile and cold.  Contraptions that went far behind her idiot mind littered several counter tops.  She saw more than one operating table and glass cabinets filled with vials.

Sai’bariel backtracked through the door and turned, her heart jumping into her throat as her way was blocked by a slight woman with a bland, calm smile.  Revalias put a hand on Sai’bariel’s shoulder and eased her back into the lab.

"Miss Quel’thori, I have a bit of a proposition for you, if you’ll hear me out."  He said, his voice quite calm and even.  If it weren’t for her ill-timed intuition, the soothing timbre of his voice might even have calmed her suspicions.  However, the realization that she’d never given him her surname made her heart sink again as she turned her gaze away from Mina to look at the alchemist.  His lips were upturned in a knowing, secretive smile.

"No, I know who you are.  You know, I believe your family would be elated to hear that you are, in fact, not dead."

Sai’bariel’s eyes went wide and she shook her head, cheeks paling at the thought.  ”No, you can’t tell them, they can’t know what’s happened to me.”

"Then I would urge you to hear my propositions.  If you don’t like them, you are, of course, free to walk away.  But every action has a consequence, and I would be very hurt if you turned down my offer."  He said, letting Mina slip into the laboratory before closing the door behind her.

"After all, I just want to make you a better you."

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RP Log: Masrin & Rue 


Lately, she’d been feeling more - … herself. Andreo’s recent and somewhat secretive visit had significantly cheered her up, as well as meeting Malithas and having someone new to confide in, even if only a little. She looked healthier, as the winter months gave way to a spring, Ruetto herself…

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Model: Dorian Reeves

Photography: Deon Jackson


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( Damn, he just needs to look a little bit rougher around the edges and he’d be perrrrfect. )

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What Arianne would wear


What Arianne would wear

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